Are you a solo professional who wants to…

… have all the clients you need to build the business (and life) you want?

… have clarity and focus when it comes to describing the work you do?

… earn more money doing work you love?

… be seen as a recognized expert in your field?

… work closely with an oddly likeable, extremely bald, middle-aged man who will lead you through his simple process every step of the way?

If the answer is “Yes!” please keep reading.
My newly updated Marketing Nuts and Bolts Course
may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.


Hi, I’m Michael Katz.

I’ve been working as a solo since 2000. But it was kind of an accident – I never intended to work for myself. I went to college, I got an MBA (Boston University) and I began working for other people. All perfectly fine … for a while.

Fifteen years into it – the last 12 with the same company – I knew it was time to move on. Because while I was “good enough” at my job, I had a strong sense that I wasn’t taking full advantage of my natural capabilities and doing work that I really loved. So on Friday, June 23, 2000, I resigned.

I ran into big problems almost immediately.

Even though I had 15 years of big company marketing experience, I really didn’t know anything about success as a solo.

I didn’t know how to price and package my offerings. I didn’t know how to describe my work to other people. I didn’t know how to stand out from the crowd of other professionals who offered similar services. Most of all, I had no idea how to find prospects and turn them into happy, well-paying clients – few of the things I’d learned as a big company employee carried over to the world of working on my own.

Lots and Lots (and lots) of Mistakes

It was like starting my working life all over again. So I made a lot of mistakes.

Not disasters (usually), mostly just wasted time, wasted effort and wasted money – and lots of wasted nights laying awake worrying – as I tried to figure things out and find my way.

It was a learning experience, but I wish I knew then what I know now about being a solo. I could have gotten here much faster.

Today, thanks to an understanding of how the pieces fit together and the implementation of a systematic approach to running and marketing my business, my phone and email ring regularly – it’s the rare week that I don’t hear from two or three prospective clients who have an interest in hiring me.

But it’s actually a lot more than just that. Because my approach emphasizes relationship-building and natural communication, and because I now have a very clear vision of the work I want to do and the people I want to do it with, my clients and my work are a perfect match for me.

That means the work is good, the client interactions are enjoyable, and the need for what I used to think of as “hard selling,” is nonexistent.

You Can Do This Too

This isn’t a course for “marketing people.” It’s for people who are good at whatever it is they do – coaches, consultants, writers, financial planners, trainers, or some other type of solo – but who don’t know much about marketing. And so they end up trying things that waste time and don’t really work, all the while thinking that there must be a better way.

There is, and that’s what this course is about. It’s not about turning you into the world’s greatest marketer (that’s not necessary). Instead, it’s about teaching you what you need to know: A simple system that makes sense, that doesn’t take over your life, and that works out in the real world. And that doesn’t require you to become some kind of fast-talking, inauthentic salesperson.

The course is very tactical and workshop-oriented (i.e., lots of interaction and participation with me and other students). And while I’ll show you how to use and develop plenty of “tools” along the way, it’s really about learning an approach to building and marketing your business that’s both comfortable and effective. And that will earn you the money you need to live the life you want.

I’ve led more than 100 solo professionals through this small-group program since I launched it five years ago. In this course, together, we’re going to change the way you market your business. Here are some of the results other students have seen:

“Michael’s class was the best money I’ve ever spent on my business. Not only does he provide a complete paradigm shift in regards to how to market your business, he gives you practical tools to make it happen.

“I’ve studied with a lot of business gurus over the course of my career and Michael is, hands down, the best out there. Practical, useful, and funny as hell, I recommend him to absolutely every solo professional I meet.”

Sari de la Motte
The Attorney Whisperer
Portland, Oregon

“Things at my end have just plain exploded over the last year (in a very good way). I owe a bunch of it to your class.

“The biggest thing I got out of that experience was an accountability group that kept me on task and off the golf course. Now, two years later, new client biz is rolling in at a pace I can barely keep up with. I’ve become a very known quantity in the career coaching space, am regularly getting asked to speak and am writing my first book. Just saying thanks.

Dave Weir
CEO, Leadership Optimized
San Dimas, California

“Hi Michael: I just have to say, ‘Thank you!’ You’ve helped me take the work I love and connect with the people I like most, and as a result, my practice has flourished. Last month was my best month *ever* and this month surpassed even that. Since I entered the program, things have gone to an even higher level at a greatly accelerated pace!

“I love the classes – the material is fun, helpful, accessible, and most important, doable, and it has helped me to take actions I have been dragging my feet on for quite a while.

“Your recommendations are so natural and easy to implement. I continue to be surprised. I’ve been in other coaching programs where the recommendations didn’t quite fit, and as a result, I never took action or took such small steps that it didn’t create the overall shift I was looking for.

“Finally, a marketing system I can use! Yea!”

Brynne E. Dippell, Ph.D.
Spiritual Guidance for Heart and Soul
Torrance, California

17 Years of Experience in Six Months

This course has grown out of my 17 years working as a solo professional. It’s not theoretical – the things you’ll be learning are the same things I continue to use to market my own coaching and consulting business today. This approach works, simple as that.

The Marketing Nuts and Bolts course is filled with tested exercises and assignments, real-world examples, practical tactics, and plenty of insights, all intended to help you create a simple, workable system for growing your solo professional business.

It’s based on 6 simple “breakthroughs,” all of which work together

Month #1: Leverage your existing relationships.

Your existing relationships are your most valuable business resource. If you’re like most solos, however, you don’t do much to systematically stay in touch with the people you already know. This breakthrough will change all that! We cover it first in the program so there’s time to watch your relationships grow and produce over the course of our time together. We’ll cover:

  • The benefits of a single, electronic contact list
  • How and why to “treat different relationships differently”
  • How to develop a simple stay in touch plan that creates business leads
  • Why repetition – not reach – creates marketing leverage
  • How to use low-tech, high-tech and in-person tools for getting more clients
  • The single best relationship-building tool ever invented
  • What to say to existing contacts when keeping in touch – and how often to do it
  • How to simply, consistently and intelligently use social media
  • And more…

Month #2: Clarify your positioning; Simplify your message.

Ask any solo professional where their best clients come from and they’ll all tell you the same thing: “word of mouth.” The problem is that most solo professionals view word of mouth as a “fortunate coincidence.” I don’t believe that. In our second month, we’ll focus on how to clearly describe the work you do – in a way that others can understand, remember and share. As a result, you’ll significantly boost both the word of mouth and inbound referrals you receive. We’ll cover:

  • How to explain what you do in a way that others can understand and remember
  • Why you need to develop a niche
  • How to develop a compelling story that explains your business and attracts prospects
  • How to write an effective bio
  • How to maximize your LinkedIn presence
  • Practical techniques for building word of mouth and generating leads
  • The importance of a “1-1-1 marketing message” and how to use it
  • And more…

Month #3: Position yourself as a leading expert.

Being seen as an industry expert opens doors. It leads to inbound client requests, increased referrals and inquiries from the press. It also allows you to charge higher fees. In short, it takes all of your business-building efforts and makes them more effective, more efficient and more productive. In month three, we’ll focus on what it takes to position yourself as an industry expert. We’ll cover:

  • How to describe who you are and what you do in a way that positions you as expert
  • Why narrowing your focus is the most effective path to gaining clients
  • Why experts create content – and where to begin
  • Getting past the fear of calling yourself “expert”
  • How to get paid for your expert point of view
  • How to get your content distributed more broadly
  • How to avoid the mistakes that perpetual non-experts make
  • And more…

Month #4: Define, find and manage your clients.

Nothing happens until somebody hires you – and nothing good happens until it’s the right somebody under the right circumstances. In month 4, we focus on determining the types of companies and individuals you work best with; identifying tactics for meeting and selling to them; and working easily and happily together once you do. We’ll cover:

  • How to determine your perfect client (so that you can market to them specifically)
  • How to network comfortably and effectively, both online and off
  • How to turn “disappearing prospects” into new clients
  • How to sell authentically and why “hard sales techniques” don’t work
  • How “client benefit stories” help prospects buy more easily
  • How to deal with “difficult clients” (and get rid of them when necessary)
  • And more…

Month #5: Develop profitable packages and simple pricing.

Making money efficiently is a necessary part of being a successful solo professional. It may not be the point of what you do, but it’s very much in the mix. It’s also the source of much anxiety and confusion among those of us who work alone. This breakthrough is about setting fees, developing packages and communicating easily and consistently with prospects on the subject of money. We’ll cover:

  • Why and how to switch from charging for your time to charging for your value
  • How to set and raise fees effectively
  • Why higher fees result in more satisfied clients
  • How to create and offer a variety of service options
  • How to keep flat fee projects from going “out of scope”
  • How to establish a payment schedule and fee structure that makes everyone happy
  • What to do about clients who don’t pay on time
  • The amazing benefits of repeat revenue
  • And more…

Month #6: Tell business-building stories; Communicate authentically.

As a solo professional, your secret weapon and biggest competitive advantage is your ability to make a genuine, human connection with clients, prospects, colleagues and others. Most solos, however, ignore (or are unaware of) this truth and instead remain anonymous and unmemorable behind a façade of bland professionalism. Month six will change all that. We’ll cover:

  • Why your personal story is your best marketing tool (and how to use it)
  • How to build trust and generate inbound leads through the use of stories and natural language
  • Why marketing with your real voice and personality is so effective as a solo
  • Tactics for easier, more engaging communications
  • A simple, natural communication formula for speaking to prospects and others
  • How to create consistency across all your communications
  • And more…

“Thanks for everything you’ve taught and discussed. I have always found your classes thoughtful, smart, entertaining and full of sound, useful advice and direction.”

Jim Quinlivan
Chief Content Creator
Content Marketing Partners
Chicago, Illinois

“This was by far the best decision I made for my business. Ever. Michael’s support in helping me define my niche, design a plan to stay in touch with the people I love to stay in touch with anyway, and publish my newsletters on relevant websites has increased my income, my self-confidence and making things happen. He and his course are worth every penny I paid! Thanks so much, Michael, you’re a miracle worker.”

Elly van Laar
Austin, Texas

“If any prospects would like a reference please send them my way – I mean that. I’ll be happy to tell them all the good things that happened to me because of this program. I was skeptical about the price, but it turns out to have been the smartest investment I have made in myself. ”

David Bird
Bird’s Eye Marketing
Ottawa, Ontario

The course kicks off on Tuesday, October 17th.
Here’s how it is organized:

Enrollment is limited to just 12 people (a small enough group so that we all get to know each other and work together).

Each month, we will meet live, online, for two 60-minute group calls. A “teaching call” and a “workshop call.” All calls are on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. Eastern time (1 p.m. Central, Noon Mountain, 11 a.m. Pacific).(View a complete program schedule here.)

TEACHING CALLS. One 60-minute group call per month. I’ll do most of the talking on these calls as I dig into the key concepts of the month. Even so, we limit session enrollment to just 12 people and keep the lines unmuted throughout, so there is plenty of time for discussion and interaction.

WORKSHOP CALLS. One 60-minute group call per month. These are done “round-robin” fashion with each class member reporting on progress based on our focus for that particular month. They occur in addition to the monthly teaching calls mentioned above. They are a way to share what you’re working on, ask questions, and get additional guidance in putting the pieces into place for your business.

In addition to these two live calls per month, the Marketing Nuts and Bolts Course includes:

  • Six, one-hour (approximately), prerecorded webinars ($750.00 value), each focusing on a specific topic. These will be assigned as homework (yes, there is homework!) and viewed on a monthly basis prior to our group calls. We’ll use them as a jumping off point for exercises and discussion when we meet as a group.
  • Two, 45-minute, PRIVATE phone sessions with just you and me ($700.00 value). We’ll schedule two of these: One during the first month of the program to create your custom plan of objectives and deliverables; one at the conclusion of the program to review progress and make sure you have what you need in place to continue on your own. These are recorded and given to you in MP3 format for review.
  • A private, group bulletin board and online community just for program participants ($2,500.00 value). This is our “marketing gym.” It’s where we share ideas, samples, exercises, questions, challenges, victories, and encouragement throughout the course. And it’s permanent – it will live on as a place for you to continue interacting with the people you’ve met, after the course has finished.
  • Resources, exercises and worksheets for use between calls – the same ones I share with my one-on-one clients – to help you systematically and steadily apply the concepts we discuss in class.
  • Frequent emails from me with short, tactical tips and insights – these keep you energized and on track, and help you to apply the things we learn throughout the course.
  • A copy of all the slides and all the recorded sessions. This way, if you need to miss a session or simply want to review after the fact, you’ll be all set. These are yours to keep forever, beyond the end of the class.
  • Surprise things – both fun and useful – that I will send to you throughout the course. “Like what?” Stop asking, I told you it was a surprise.

“What a great time the marketing class has been. “I remember the first time I heard about it and it sounded interesting but I was resistant. It seemed like a big commitment of both time and money. I’d only just started getting your newsletter then. I’d just left a business coaching group not long before where the focus was not so practical – it was mainly about helping people see their “blocks” to success and I was feeling a little jaded.

“And then it came up again and what appealed to me about the class was the practical and tactical aspect, that you taught us skills that a lot of solos don’t come to their businesses with. I needed someone who had curated the process from their own experience and that of others to tell me what to do and how to do it since there are a million ways I could do it.

“Yes, it was a lot of work at times and all worth doing. I learned so much from you and the group. The funny thing is, I feel like it’s just beginning in some ways. The time and effort to get some things in place and firing consistently is starting to become the new normal and it still feels like a new bike only the training wheels are off now!”

Kim LaFever, PMP
Founder, Positive Disruption
Portland, Oregon

“Thanks for all your help and ideas, Michael. There is no chance that I would be enjoying the success I’m having without your assistance!”

Don Maher
Red Chasm
Los Altos, California

This Isn’t a “Prerecorded Lecture Course”

Many marketing “courses” are all about getting as many people as possible to sign up at once, and then providing most of the information in the form of prerecorded modules.

That’s not what this is about. There are only 12 people in this class and it’s very, VERY hands on and interactive. The calls are all unmuted and 100% live. We use an interactive, private group forum for sharing ideas, assignments and encouragement. I send emails to the group frequently. Everyone in the class spends time with me, one-on-one, throughout the course. I personally lead and participate in every call, 100% of the time, from start to finish.

The Group Format Holds Us Accountable

The most difficult part about a long-format course is sticking with it. Your business has ups and downs – your life has ups and downs – and to get the most out of a program like this you need to stay on track and engaged.

That’s why I offer this in a small, intimate format and why I’ve set it up in a way that keeps everyone connected, committed and moving steadily forward: We’ve got a private group forum where we post homework and share feedback; we’ve got an online tracking system for posting progress and sharing encouragement weekly; we have a “buddy system” in which class members are paired up, on a rotating basis, for a month at a time.

In addition, all of our calls – 12 in total over the course – are live and completely unmuted, so that we can share and learn together as we go.

In short, I’ve done everything I can to support your steady, forward progress.

“I was concerned I couldn’t commit the time and stay focused, but quickly learned that it was designed for busy professionals, so it’s paced with that in mind. The course and materials are well organized so you can ‘catch up’ on your own.

“I couldn’t have dreamed that my business would be this successful before I started the program. Thank you Michael.”

Mark Weinstein
TPP Global Services
Brookline, Massachusetts


First, let’s review what comes with the course:

  • Live access to 6, one-hour, group “teaching calls.”
  • Live access to 6, one-hour, group “workshop calls.”
  • 6, one-hour, prerecorded webinars.
  • 2, 45-minute, private phone sessions with just you and me.
  • A private, group bulletin board and online community just for session participants.
  • Weekly emails from me with practical tips and insights.
  • Access to resources, exercises and worksheets that I share with my clients.
  • A copy of all the slides and all the recorded sessions, to keep forever.
  • Intriguing surprises throughout the course. (Do you like brownies??? I’m just saying…)

The entire program is just $3,000. (Click here for payment options.)


Still thinking about it?

I understand, it’s an investment. But you can do this – for yourself and for your business. Nothing on Earth compares to working without a job, being proud of what you accomplish every day and feeling what it’s like to thrive based on your natural skills and abilities. That’s what work is supposed to be.

But to do that, you need a system for attracting clients and a plan for building your business.

And while figuring all this stuff out may never be your first love (or even something that comes naturally), at the end of our time together you’ll be equipped with the tools you need and significantly better off than you were before.

This program gives you the potential to make huge gains in your business. You’ll have the confidence, knowledge and hands-on practice necessary to make your business work as it should.

“The course has stopped me in my tracks and highlighted critical areas that had never occurred to me. It has furnished me with a wall of virtual post-it notes, each conveying an invaluable tip or strategy. In short, it has transformed the way I treat my business. I’m starting to think and work smarter. It’s working!”

Stephen Church
Business Writer
Copywriter Pro
Northampton, United Kingdom

“He’s the perfect coach: unflappable, masterful in his use of humor to get results.”

Mariko Gordon, CFA
Founder, CEO and CIO
Daruma Asset Management, Inc.
New York, New York

“Six months is a long time. Is it really necessary?”

One-time learning events and short term programs can be great. I’ve been involved as both presenter and participant on a number of these and there’s no doubt about it, when done well, there’s a lot of value.

But they’re not habit-forming.

So while you may gain some new insights and learn some new things, many of the benefits (and most of the enthusiasm) can wear off in just a few weeks, leaving you right back where you were before.

And that’s a problem. Because when it comes to learning a new approach, habits are what you need. Little things that you do every day, every week and every month to stay visible, clear and energized.

Little things that over time – six months – add up to an easy, effective way to grow your business.

“But what if I can’t attend all the sessions?”

Chance are you can’t – life tends to get in the way. And over the course of six months, it’s a near certainty that you’ll come up against a scheduling conflict or two. (View a complete program schedule here.)

That’s why we record everything. I’ll give you all the audio and all the slides. This way you can review them, at your convenience, as many times as you like.

“OK, but what if I don’t like being part of a group?”

Then this program may not be for you. The group interaction is where a LOT of the value lives. That’s why we limit enrollment to just 12 people per session, pair people together on a monthly, rotating basis and build plenty of opportunities into the class for connection during out six months together and beyond.

The group provides a lot of energy and sharing of ideas. Your membership in the class comes with the expectation that you are there to give as well as take. If you don’t like that, you probably won’t like this.

“How do I know this is worth the money?”

money back guaranteeYou don’t. At least not for sure. That’s why I offer a full-price money back guarantee. If you enroll in the program and at any point over the first 30 days, you don’t think it’s worth what you paid for it, I’ll refund the entire thing.

“I saw on your site the notice about the next class starting, and I must say I experienced a brief pang of envy for those folks who get to embark on it anew as ours is wrapping up!

“It’s been a wonderful experience in so many ways, and I have truly enjoyed getting to know everyone in the class. As I’ve mentioned, I am decidedly not a ‘group work’ type of person, but these are very special folks. I feel like we’ve all been in some kind of fun marketing foxhole together.”

Jennifer Carsen
Daycare In Demand
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

“Are there any bonus materials you can include that will make this even more worthwhile?”

Yes. Here’s what else you’ll receive when you enroll in this program:

Bonus #1:

penguin program
A free subscription to my 45-part, video email course for solo professionals.

Delivered over the course of 15 weeks, I’ll send you three, (very) short videos per week, each one sharing a simple marketing concept. These are completely in line with our work in the Marketing Nuts And Bolts Course and will reinforce the ideas we cover in class.

Bonus #2:

Three of my favorite business-building books. There’s a nearly unlimited supply of books out there with the potential to help you market your business better. I’ll send you the three that have made the biggest difference for me (okay, I wrote one of them, but it did make a difference).

These aren’t e-books or free downloads either. You’ll receive a package of actual books ($44.32 value) – the kind you can hold in your hand – direct from Amazon. We’ll discuss and review these as part of our work together and you’ll have them at your fingertips throughout the course (and beyond).

The Automatic Customer The Automatic Customer The Pumpkin Plan The Pumpkin Plan It Sure Beats Working It Sure Beats Working


“The assigned reading has really been a pleasant surprise, as much as I groan about not having the time or interest in reading business books anymore. I have gotten some of the most significant challenges to my assumptions and some extraordinary ideas as to how to approach, develop, and communicate my true purpose and service in what I offer. I would NEVER make time to read these kinds of books otherwise so I’m very grateful for the requirement in this program.”

Aine Dee
Founder & CEO
Reimagine Your Money
Mocksville, North Carolina

Bonus #3:

solo professional cards
A Solo Professional Marketing Tip of the Month

Every month, for 12 months, I will send you – via good old-fashioned snail mail – a full-color, two-panel card with a useful marketing tip, specifically intended for solo professionals. These reinforce many of the ideas covered in the course and are short and to the point.

To sum up, here’s everything that’s included in this program:

  • Live access to 6, one-hour, group “teaching calls” ($2,000 value)
  • Live access to 6, one-hour, group “workshop calls” ($1,750 value)
  • Six, one-hour prerecorded webinars ($750.00 value)
  • Two, 45-minute, private phone sessions with just you and me ($700.00 value)
  • A private, group bulletin board and online community ($2,500 value)
  • Access to resources, exercises and worksheets that I share with my clients
  • Weekly emails from me with practical tips and insights
  • A copy of all the slides and all the recorded sessions
  • Bonus #1: A subscription to my 45-part, video email course ($187.00 value)
  • Bonus #2: 3 of my favorite business books, delivered to your door ($44.32 value)
  • Bonus #3: 12 months of solo professional marketing tips via snail mail ($99.00 value)
  • A 30-DAY, Money Back Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied

Total Program Value: $8,030.32.
Program Tuition: $3,000.00


(After you click the “register” button, you’ll be taken to a page to fill in your name, address and credit card information. From there, when you click “submit,” you’ll be enrolled immediately and we’ll send you a confirmation email with class details.)

“One of the things I wanted to get out of this course was ways to improve how I package and price – and sell – my services. I was just comparing this year to last and saw that I had almost a 300% increase in number of clients over that time period. THANK YOU!”

Nancy Latady, Founder
Latady Physician Strategies
Bedford, Massachusetts

“This class has fundamentally changed the way I approach marketing both myself and my business.”

Daniel Jordi
Business Manager
Make Believe For Real
Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

Time To Get Started

One last thing. The approach that the Marketing Nuts And Bolts Course teaches – one that relies on your existing relationships, your natural voice, your unique talents and a simple system for getting the clients you need – isn’t particularly complicated.

But I’m guessing that if this came easily to you, you’d already be doing it.

Whatever has been standing in your way – fear, confusion, overwhelment, lack of a supportive group of peers, or something else entirely – this program is about getting you past all that. It’s about teaching you a clear, systematic approach to building and growing your business that you can use and rely on for years to come.

That’s my hope for this program and for you. That I can help you turn the development of your business into a natural, effective, energy-filled (maybe even fun) process.

I hope you’ll register and be one of the 12 solo professionals who join us beginning on Tuesday, October 17th.

Michael Katz
Chief Penguin
Blue Penguin Development, Inc.

P.S. I’ve offered a money back guarantee, to make this as easy and risk free for you as possible. Place your order, get started with us and see for yourself.

P.P.S. Still have questions? Just send me an e-mail ( or give me a call (my direct line: 508-497-0900), and I’ll be happy to chat about whether or not this course is a good fit for you.

“I love your group. I find you’ve given me structure and expert advice on how to set up an effective marketing approach, and I like the way we work on one thing at a time.”

Kay Corry Aubrey, Founder
Usability Resources, Inc.
Bedford, Massachusetts

“For a solo professional, working with Michael is a gift you give yourself. He shares his vast knowledge of marketing generously. He coaches with humor and compassion, but tells it like it is.”

Evelyn Starr
Chief Marketer
E. Starr Associates
Natick, Massachusetts

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